Super 30 on Discovery Channel
The Discovery Channel has decided to telecast the inspiring story of Super 30 four times between
March 14 and March 29 at primetime and other time slots.
Produced by Veronica Hall and directed by Christopher Mitchell, the one-hour documentary has
captured all the aspects of the novel experiment started by Anand Kumar six years ago. It is a
powerful documentary on how students from underprivileged families successfully make it to India's
most coveted competition.
The film was shot over a year. A large part of the film shows how the students develop confidence in
them despite their impoverished backgrounds under the guidance of Anand Kumar and his team to
crack the test. Talent, it underlines, is not found in the cities and the affluent families only. It is
It also depicts the journey of Anand Kumar, his passion for mathematics since his childhood, early loss
of father and the struggle, including the lost opportunity to study in Cambridge due to poverty.
Covering all the aspects, the film has also been shot in Anand's village, with glimpses of his mother
and brother Pranav Kumar, who looks after the management of the Ramanujan School of Mathematics.
"It is a very inspiring story which the people would certainly like to see and know.
Documentary would be telecast at primetime 9 pm on March 14 (Saturday) and repeated thrice on
March 15 (3 am), March 21 (9 am) and March 29 (5pm). It would be telecast both on Hindi and English
Discovery Channels at the same timings.
The director of the film, Christopher Mitchell said that the film had evoked tremendous response.
"Super 30 is an amazing initiative and it needs to be taken to maximum people around the globe," said
Christopher, whose film also bagged ‘Audience Choice Award’ at the sixth Indian Film Festival of Los
Angeles, USA.
Earlier, Yoichi Itoh had also made a film on Super 30 for the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, while
Emiko Amagawa made it for another Japanese channel in 2007. Former Miss Japan Norika Fujiwara
made a film for TV Man Union in 2007. There was another short film on Star Gold, made by Amir Khan
as part of his special show 'Rang De Basanti’.
Anand, when contacted, said it was good to get this honour. "But for me, the journey has just begun.
I have a long way to go. My aim is to help the needy students as much as possible," he added.
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